What is the project about?

Communication networks have become a critical infrastructure of our digital society. This introduces stringent requirements on dependability.

We envision more automated approaches to operate communication networks, overcoming today's manual and error-prone approach.

We develop a software tool which performs what-if analysis of computer network configurations (especially MPLS and SR networks). That is, checking policy compliance etc. under network failures.


Our approach relies on automata theory: network configurations are automatically collected from the routers and transformed into a push-down automaton, together with the invariants that a network should fulfill. Fast reachability analysis allows to provide verification in minutes or even seconds.

The tool hence disburdens network operators from their most complex
tasks, and ensures a high dependability.


Use Cases

Everything under failures

Fast What-If

Analysis Tool of MPLS and SR Networks

Our Team

Project's reference publications

S. Schmid and J. Srba. Polynomial-time what-if analysis for prefix-manipulating mpls networks.
In Proc. IEEE INFOCOM, 2018.

Stefan Schmid et al. P-rex: Fast verification of mpls networks with multiple link failures.
In ACM CoNEXT, 2018